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Why would Anyone hire a Life Coach?

Look at your life as it is today, and as it will be in the months and years to come. If there are things you’d like to change to make your life run better, to realise ambitions, fulfil potential, be happier, less stressful, more profitable, more peaceful, sociable, or fun – then that’s something life coaching can help you with.

Virtuoso performers and top athletes the world over know that good isn’t good enough. They look to coaches to help them reach increasingly high levels of excellence.

The same holds true for global corporate leaders. They provide coaching to executives because they know it has the power to transform leaders, teams, and entire organizations from good to great.

How did Andre Agassi manage to turn around his tennis career?

He hired a life coach called Anthony Robbins, who is not a tennis coach but a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner. Agassi did not need further tennis skills, what he needed was to develop a way to believe in himself every time he stepped onto the court and every time he played a shot. This kind of coaching assisted Agassi in reaching his full potential.

The Problem:

Many of us, including schools and tertiary institutions, still believe that IQ ensures success (business success, personal success, etc.) , whereas studies have shown that up to 80% of our success is dependent on EQ with IQ making up the rest.

What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is a series of sessions between client and coach, which help you to:

– Understand your situation

– Clarify how you’d like it to change

– Develop strategies to do that

– Keep you focused on doing that

– Deal with the human factors which tend to get in the way – like fear, faulty reasoning, stamina, pessimism and analysis paralysis

Why Does Coaching Work So Well?

Part of it is really straight forward, some of it is not. Here are the main factors which lead to its impressive success:

– We’re taking you out of your life to look back in on it.

– Many of us don’t find the time to do that often, but coaching invites you to do it weekly

– We’re changing paradigms – away from describing how bad the problem is, into what the best solution can be.

– I’m on your side, and I’ll respect you, but I’ll also challenge you when it’s appropriate, which most friends won’t do. So you’ll see a more honest picture of your place in the world.

– I am trained to listen to what you say and find the hidden beliefs which (unlike willpower) drive your behaviour.

– When I can show you that one of your beliefs is mistaken, I can free you up to see the world more clearly. You’ll see doors open which you didn’t know were there.

– I can help you with fear. Most of us are not consciously aware of the extent to which fear limits our lives.

– I won’t be pushing you off any cliffs ( you’re always in charge),but I can shine a gentle light on your demons and remove their power to hold you back.

– I have a host of practical skills which you can borrow. Inter-personal skills, time management, de-cluttering, maintaining focus, business skills, Neuro-linguistic  programming (NLP) techniques, and more. You have access to them all.

These are what will get you moving towards your exciting new life like nothing else can.

What do People Coach on?

Lots of things. At work, people want to be happier, get promoted, more money, less stress, to manage staff better, to develop sound strategies, or not to bring work home and so on. At home, they want to be happier, de-cluttered, have a better social life, find the perfect partner, find more peace. They may have ambitions – to start a business, travel the world, move to foreign parts. They may be at a crossroads and not know which way to turn. They may be deeply unhappy without really knowing why. They may seek more confidence, or to lose weight.

You might think about these areas of your life:

·         Work

  • Finances
  • Significant Other
  • Social life
  • Environment (home etc.)
  • Health
  • Spiritual (not necessarily religion)
  • Family

– and award marks out of 10 for each area. Then, ask yourself “which area, if fixed to score 10/10, would have the largest positive impact on my life?”  That would probably be the starting point for your life coaching.

For more details or to make an appointment you can contact Lifecoach Razia Mohamed on 0834152500 or email




Get a coach, get a life

By Wanda Hennig – May 14 2011

I was working as the editor of an upscale glossy lifestyle magazine in San Francisco about 10 years ago when a freelancer suggested she write a story on life coaching. I had never heard of it. She said that while very different from therapy, many regarded it as the new “therapy alternative” – and it was changing lives. For her story, she would speak to coaches, to clients who had benefited from coaching, and she would try some coaching herself.

When her story came in, I read about people attributing significant life changes to working with a coach. A business owner, for example, said she had started taking holidays and doubled the size of her income within six months of hiring a coach. A man said he had developed self-confidence, lost weight and found love since he started working with a coach.

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