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NLP and Negative Emotional Therapy



NLP is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, United States in the 1970s. Its creators claim a connection between the neurological processes (“neuro”), language (“linguistic”) and behavioral patterns learned through experience (“programming”) and that these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life

It is concerned with the excellent performance of outstanding people in the different fields, and how we can emulate their success by copying their ways of thinking and performing so that we are able to achieve similar outcome.

 It is thus about our thoughts and their influence on our actions, and reactions to others. NLP shows us the importance of better thinking to produce the desired or intended result. In it, we learn the effective ways to communicate, not only to our own selves but with others as well. How we communicate denotes the kind of person we are, whether we are an exceptionally good individual or someone of mediocre ability.

NLP is very practical, it obtains what is desired, and thereby we become more effective in our thinking and action. We learn to have more choices and gain a fuller control of our life. It contains a set of techniques that any one of us can practise straight away and benefit from the success in the intended area of our life such as business, communication, education, sports and therapy. If the technique that we use does not bring about the result we seek, we change what we do until we achieve what we want. Understanding the various NLP principles and put them to work enables us to effect quick changes in our life. We gain an accurate and deep understanding of how we think and how our thoughts affect our behaviour. We get to understand that our thinking and behaviour are unique to each of us and highly subjective.

NLP is not Therapy      
NLP is not a Philosophy   
 NLP is not Spirituality  
 NLP is not a Religion

NLP is a Simple, Rational and Profound model of understanding of how verbal and non-verbal nuances in Dialogue, Body Language, Writing and Conversation influence both Ourselves and Others.

 NLP is an Education of how the Mind Works. How Knowledge and Communication is used, reflects the Beliefs and Values of the Communicator


Negative Emotional Therapy is a release a lifetime of unprocessed negative emotions such as anger, shame, sadness, fear, hurt, frustration, hate, doubt, anxiety, guilt, etc that have accumulated in your neural network over the years.

Negative Emotional Therapy will release all the unprocessed negative emotions that have accumulated from conception until the present day.It is a very powerful process, and can help so many people to get in control of their emotional state. Our emotional state determines the results that we get in life. So to change your result, you need to get in control of your emotional state.


Pre and Post Marital Workshops


Pre-Marital Counseling

Marriage is not a minor change in a person’s life. It is one of the most important relationships you will form in your life, and choosing the right partner is only step 1 of ensuring you have a successful marriage

We feel its important therefore, to assist couples in preparing for marriage and  make sure, the couple understands a few key principles prior to their wedding day.

Here are just a few issues that are covered in pre-marital counseling:

You are different – Opposites do tend to attract. Each spouse is not only differently physically, but there are differences in backgrounds, outlook on life and the way to approach a situation. This is not intended as a curse against marriage. God designed those differences for a reason. The more a couple learns to celebrate those differences, the stronger a marriage will become

Leave and cleave – Don’t let either set of in-laws dictate how you lead your new family. Decide in advance that no one, related or otherwise, is going to be a wedge between you two. Every couple has lots of other relationships, including perhaps children someday, but none of them should be allowed to interfere with the oneness God intends to create with the marriage.

Expect surprises – Life won’t always be as blissful as it is today. There will be hard days, whether self-induced or life-induced. Life brings changes and those times have the ability to catch even the best marriages off guard if not prepared for them. We can never be fully prepared for what might come, but we can prepare ourselves that when something comes, whatever it is and no matter how hard it is, that we will handle it . Couples should use these times to improve the strength of their marriage rather than allow them to pull the marriage apart.

Post -Marital Counseling

Preparation is one of the best preventions for marriage failure.

If a couple knows the natural struggles most marriages experience, they are less likely to throw in the towel when their marriage encounters these problems and hopefully be more willing to look for help. They won’t be as surprised when struggles come to the marriage.

We have found there are a few leading causes of marriage failure. Interestingly, this same list is often what keeps us from having great marriages.

The leading causes of marriage failure (in our experience) are:

Boredom – Couples stop dreaming, learning, and exploring together. Often the busyness of life distracts them from simply having fun together.

Communication – Not understanding the difference in men and women and the different ways each communicate causes conflict and misunderstandings, which can bring huge wedges in the relationship.

Money – We all need money to survive. When a couple, or one in the couple, is on a pursuit for more it often drives couples to stress out over money, or the lack thereof. Money is also a major cause of arguments, especially when the couple has no plan for how to spend the money they make.

Outside influences – Whether it is work, hobbies, friends, in-laws or even children, couples often allow something or someone to come between them and distract them from each other. The marriage takes a backseat to other influences.

Tragedy – It is difficult for the best marriages to recover from a tragedy, but especially marriages that are already experiencing difficulties.

There are certainly other reasons marriages fail, but when the trail of the marriage that is breaking apart is traced it will many times lead back to one of these major causes.

If you sense your marriage is in jeopardy or if one of these issues is currently bringing stress into your marriage, do not wait until one spouse is ready to quit to do something about it. Get help now. Protect your marriage.