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Submodalities shift, eg bullying

Submodalities in NLP are fine distinctions or the subsets of the Modalities (Visual , Auditory , Kinesthetic, Olfactory ,Gustatory , and Ad) that are part of each representational system that encode and give meaning to our experiences.

They are the building blocks of the representational systems by which we code, order and give meaning to the experiences we have. Submodalities are how we structure our experiences.

How do you know what you believe and what you do not believe? You code the two different kinds of beliefs in different submodalities. We create meaning by using different submodalities to code our experience, for example someone we like and someone we dislike.

Changing submodalities is a very effective and powerful way of changing the meaning of an experience. When we set a goal, for example, the more attention we pay to the submodalities, the more specifically refined it becomes. The finer our distinctions, the more clearly and creatively we can design our future.