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Parent child workshops

hand holding parent child

Parenthood is a daunting task. Being a child can be even more difficult. Unfortunately there are no manuals to guide a parent or child in how to deal with specific situations. We enable a   parent and/or child to elicit a specific problem and target  effective solutions. This would enable effective parent child  interactions.

Parent / Child relationships can be the cause of tremendous frustration for both parties at all ages.

Parents are frustrated when children act disrespectfully. Children are  frustrated when parental guidelines are unclear. Inconsistency in speech and actions by a parent can create defiance and disobedience in a child. The relationship is often complicated by divorce, new spouses, single parent status or the need to work long hours outside the home.

The establishment and enforcement of standard behavior can get lost in the turmoil and confusion of everyday life.

Grown children and their parents can find themselves at odds in the “same old ways” or in such new and difficult areas as care – taking reversals.

We can help address the underlying basis for parent/child difficulties. Discipline, and logical consequences are major keys in improving the relationship when children are young.